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In connection with the New Year's holidays will not deposit payments be made from December 25 to January 7.


At the beginning of November 2016 as a result of a hacker attack on the main server of the company Seasonal Trading Company, carrying out commercial transactions in the Russian commodity market, the injection was made outside the algorithm. At that time, the market was attended by 80% of the capital, taking into account the public equity transactions. Attackers managed to close all transactions and withdraw from the account the whole Rubles deposit company.

The American Stock Exchange, to execute transactions in dollars, has remained untouched due to the fact that it is located on another server. At the moment, measures are taken to protect SeaTraCom USD server against such attacks.

Some time STC employees are looking for a way to rectify the situation, but to no avail. the company management decided to suspend the accrual of profit on ruble accounts.

Dividends and profits accruing to foreign currency deposits USD fulfilled! The suspension of payments in US dollars are planned.


During the holidays 3 and November 4, 2016 earnings accrual on deposits will not be made.


In connection with the celebration of the Day of Russia on June 13 the accrual of profit will not be made.

However, at any given time you can deposit or withdraw funds from the deposit.


SeaTraCom team has taken steps to improve the security of your funds.

From now on the site will run faster!

The server made an enhanced technology of protection against DDOS-attacks, which makes the site more reliable and significantly increases the stability of the system as a whole.


During the holidays 2 and May 9 the accrual of profit will not be made!

Withdrawal from the deposit is always available.


The forum MMGP SeaTraCom given the status of the project - Diamond (diamond).

Status is determined based on three points:
1) Created Topics
2) Implementation of the administrator of its obligations
3) The activity in the subject.

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Summing up the past year, the team SeaTraCom decided to temporarily reduce the interest rates on dividend payments to its investors. This decision was taken with great reluctance, but this is the only measure to increase the airbags. The savings will be used to maximize portfolio diversification rates in the futures market, as well as to increase the number of traded instruments.

With the new interest rates are available on the home page of the project.