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1.   What is this site?
This online service financial services company Seasonal Traders Company, which allows internet users to transfer money in trust to professional traders . Company site allows investors to create your own personal account of the investor and manage their investments , invite partners in the company.

2.   What are some ways I / O resources are available?
To save time , major financial transactions are conducted using electronic money. This allows the user to quickly and safely replenish investment deposits and quickly withdraw profit. Therefore , the main and the only payment settlement system - Perfect Money.

3.   How to use electronic money Perfect Money?
To obtain electronic money Perfect Money, you must open an account with the site Once you had a account, you can purchase electronic money Perfect Money in exchange for cash or money lying in your bank account. To use the exchange exchangers listed at, or more favorable exchange rates , presented by companies , which are located on the banners on the left panel of the site with advertising.

4.   What if I forgot my password?
For those who have forgotten your password , there is a password recovery procedure . You need to click on the " Recover password ", which is on the page, log into your account and then enter the new password, and your e- mail, which was registered account. After that you will come to the inbox letter . Please follow the link in the email to confirm password changes.

5.   How to change the personal information in my account?
Log in to your account, click on "Profile" and on the opened page, change personal information. Upon completion, save your changes .

6.   What you need to do to invest in your company?
To invest money in a company log in to your account and make the completion of the Deposit. To do this, click on the " Recharge ". Transfer of funds from your account in the payment system Perfect Money account in the company on the Seasonal Traders Company happen instantly. If enrollment has not occurred within a few minutes - immediately contact support company. After the transfer of funds on deposit should invest one or more investment plans. To do this, click on the link to "invest" in a private office , which is located near the deposit and choose the invested deposit.

7.   Are there any restrictions on the amounts of I/O?
Minimum investment - $ 10. The minimum amount of deposit (credited via Perfect Money) - $ 1. Minimum amount of withdrawal $ 0.01. The maximum amount of I/O - not limited.

8.   For what period of invested money in a company?
Period of investment ( investment return of the body ) is specified in terms of an investment plan in your account . Profit is not an investment account and credited to the deposit account and is available for withdrawal . Restrictions on output interval - no. Can be displayed at any time several times a day.

9.   Is there a reinvestment?
Automatic no. Client if he needs alone adds interest investment account.

10.   When I do replenish your deposit in your account?
Make a deposit is made at any time.

11.   When interest accrual is made?
By the end of the time period is determined by the profit or loss . Charges are made every Saturday.

12.   How to withdraw money from your account?
For withdrawal log in to your account and click the "Output" menu in your personal account. Then you should specify how much you want to display . The next step - the preview page . If all the details of the operation output you want to apply, complete the operation. You can withdraw any amount up to the amount of your deposit.

13.   How long does it take to withdraw profits?
Withdraw funds from the deposit to the account of Perfect Money is carried out within 24 business hours , but usually within a few minutes after the request . Queue backlog withdrawal can be viewed in a private office in the " Conclusion".

14.   Is it possible to cancel the request for payment?
No. Cancel a withdrawal request - do not. This restriction is intended to ensure a more stable operation of the service and protection from repeated attempts to pick the amount you can withdraw.

15.   What features of the affiliate program?
Company Seasonal Traders Company pays great attention to the development and promotion of its service . For these purposes, implemented a 3-tier affiliate program , which participants can earn on attracting new customers. That is, the partner has an interest in the case , if his client drew another customer , and he in turn third.

16.   What is a link partner?
To understand exactly what customers attracted particular partner , we use a special link partner on which attracted customers come to the site Seasonal Traders Company, register an account and then make investment deposits . Your link partner is inside your account , and also provides detailed information to attract customers at each level.

17.   What profits are partners?
Affiliate charges are made constantly after charging interest income. In the case of a negative result partnerships charges also are not made. Accrued interest is determined from the current accumulated profits of your customers. Depending on the level of involvement of the customer , your profit would be : Level 1 - 15% Level 2 - 10%, Level 3 - 5%. For example, your customer first level of profit accrued $ 100 , you get 15% , respectively, of this amount , or $ 15. Affiliate accrual added to your investment deposit.

18.   Is it possible to set / change the client in my affiliate program?
No. You can only ask your client to go again register through your affiliate link.

19.   How do I view all my personal account transactions?
Personal account menu "Account History" shows all transactions on the account.

20.   What method of communication available to you?
You can contact us via the feedback form.