Statistics Clients: 832 Capital: 51.50 USD 25 200 169.81 RUB


General Provisions
1. This agreement is made between the Company Seasonal Traders Company (hereinafter referred to as "Company"), and an individual (hereinafter referred to as "Client").
2. The Company undertakes to provide services to their clients strictly under this provision.
3. Internet user can become a client of the company only if you agree with the terms of this provision. The client is aware of its obligations to the Company and agrees to comply with the internal rules referred to in paragraphs of this provision.
4. The company assumes no liability to the client, and disclaims all liability in the event of a client at least one paragraph of this provision.
5. Customer acknowledges that past performance does not guarantee similar performance in the future, so that the client voluntarily gives money for the use of the company.

Parties to the agreement
1. The company, called the artist undertakes under the terms of this agreement to provide services to the Client in managing capital, and advise on the main ways of earnings of the Company.
2. Internet user becomes a client and therefore party to the agreement only after undergoing a replenishment of the deposit on this site.
3. The Client is obliged to provide a personal account, accurate, reliable and complete information about yourself. If inaccurate information about the client will cause incorrect financial transaction, the company behind it is not responsible.
4. Customer agrees not to use the service of Seasonal Traders Company for illegal purposes, money laundering and receiving illegal income.
5. Company will comply with the privacy policy or distribute personal information of customers.

Regulations of use Account
1. The Company determines the rights of Internet users to register in his name only one account, and do not use multiple accounts to create fictitious visibility participation in the program for partners and obtain partnership interest.
2. Customer is responsible for acts committed in a private office.
3. Customer shall be entitled to change the personal data and payment details of your account without notice service administration, confirming their actions via email.
4. If you lose the password to your account customer can start the procedure for changing the password, the password later received in your inbox.
5. The client must use their computer protection (antivirus and firewall), so as not to become a victim of hackers.
6. The client can not delete your account.

Terms and conditions for investment
1. The client can make a deposit at any time investment at any time. The Company may adjust the reception and disbursement of funds at their discretion with mandatory notification on the Website.
2. Company entitles the customer to pick up the deposit at any time.
3. The Company does not impose restrictions on output, unless it is contrary to the selected investment plan.
4. Accrual of income / loss every 7 days, unless otherwise specified on the Company's website.
5. The minimum amount is 10 USD by transferring through Internet payment system.
6. Client may enter / withdraw money from the deposit, using only the tools of the Company website.
7. Function reinvestment account is not automatic. Customer is obliged to make a decision on how to dispose of funds on deposit (top one of the existing investment accounts or withdraw money from the project).
8. Withdraw money from the deposit to the details of the Client takes up to 24 working hours.
9. The Company is not responsible for input and output of money if problems arise on the part of banks or payment systems.

Provision for cooperation with partners of
1. Partner Company undertakes to advisory support to attract customers, namely to answer such questions as:
- Registration in the payment system;
- Register online Seasonal Traders Company;
- Explanation of the parameters account investment plans, etc. ..
2. The company implements a three-tier affiliate program, whose aim is to encourage Internet users to become customers of the Company.
3. The program for the partners, the company agrees to pay your profit every time the referred client receives a positive return. The Company may adjust these terms accruals referral rewards on your own with the mandatory notification on the site.
4. Compensation - a percentage of your profits to attract customers the appropriate level. For Level 1 - 15% for level 2 - 10% for third level - 5%.
5. All payments are made partners of the Company's own profit.
6. Returns partner made ​​a deposit immediately after the accrual of profit made ​​by the client. This fee becomes part of the deposit.
7. Partner can be any client company. To become an active partner, you must use the link partner, issued individually for each client in attracting Internet users.
8. The company independently further encourages the most active of its partners.
9. Partner may use promotional materials displayed on the site for the active involvement of customers.

Force majeure circumstances
1. The Company may suspend its operations and meet obligations to customers if the company's operations affected by such factors as: earthquake, world economic crises, wars and man-made disasters, strikes, epidemics, and revolution. If such factors occur, the company warns to suspend its operations on its website.
2. Company reserves the right to suspend its operations in the event of a loss of more than 50% of managed capital. In such a circumstance, all current customers will be sent a notice to the decision on the withdrawal of funds from this loss or continued participation.
3. The Company is not responsible for breaking client account on fault scams.
4. Parties to the agreement recognize that all disputes arising resolved through negotiations or by e-mail via the feedback form.